Our Programs

Programs in peacelabs

At Peace Labs we think and do

1. We deliver training workshops on conflict analysis, planning for community conflict interventions and facilitation skills

2. We supporting NGOs and CBOs in the design and implementation of conflict resolution activities

3. We provide facilitation and mediation services to conflicts on the local level

At Peace Labs we think and share

1. We produce guide manuals with knowledge and skills related to the realm of peace and conflict on the local level

2. We participate in discussion / reflection exercises / conferences during which we share our

3. We compile and share resources (mainly in Arabic) related to conflict

4. We produce short articles or co-author in books/publication on peace and conflict

5. We produce educational / informative documentaries pertaining to peace initiatives on the local level.

6. We Translate into Arabic relevant materials on conflict expertise

1| Local Level Peacebuilding program

Under the Local Level Peacebuilding program, we design and implement local projects aiming at supporting local communities through:

(a) Technical contributions (Trainings, technical coaching on addressing conflicts)

(b) In-kind support (through support for local projects aiming at addressing conflict related dynamics)

(c)  Financial support (introducing them to peace funds, providing them with funds aiming at strengthening their capacities to address conflict)

(d) Moral support, Under this program, Peace Labs has implemented two main programs along with several activities:

2011 – 2012 | Capacity building program in North Lebanon

2013 – 2014 | Strengthening the resilience to conflict of North Lebanese societies


2 | Reflection & Knowledge Production Program

Under this program, we are able:

1. to promote Reflective Peace Practice;

2. to conduct ongoing in-house reflections;

3. to share the fruits of our thinking with others (challenges and ways to overcome them, good peacebuilding practice on the local level)

4. to observe our own peace practice, learning from it in order to inform both our own internal programming and other organizations / programs

3 | Facilitation & Mediation Program

1. Providing facilitation services for local socio-political processes

2. Acting as local mediators

3. Providing facilitation of workshops services to international and / or local agencies working on peacebuilding in Lebanon

Note: This program is expected to be more active starting 2018 as we envision that by then, Peace Labs would have established itself as a local mediation option that is accepted, respected and trusted by local actors.