Peace Labs at the Leaders Democracy Fellowship program greeting ceremony

Peace Labs at the Leaders Democracy Fellowship program greeting ceremony

On the 20th of September, Peace Labs Director Jean-Paul Chami, along with Programs Developer, Henriette Petersson, were invited to the closing ceremony of the Leaders Democracy Fellowship program (LDF) organized by World Learning at their office in Le Mall Dbayeh. World Learning is a non-profit organization working to empower people and bigger entities through education and exchange programs. In the last 2 years, they have been implementing, in partnership with AUB Regional External Programs (REP) and with support from the US State Department, exchange programs aiming at empowering civil society leaders from the MENA region. More precisely, the LDF programs targets young Arab leaders and gives them the chance to come to Lebanon where they attend different courses on leadership, democracy, media, citizenship, project management and conflict transformation. The first part of the program ran for 2 years, starting in October 2015. Nonetheless, World Learning and their collaborators will be running a follow-up of this program, LDF 2, which should expand on a 5 year period.

This event was organized mainly in order to thank all the collaborators, including Peace Labs. Peace Labs has had the chance to work actively with World Learning for the last two years. Jean-Paul Chami facilitated courses and gave workshops on conflict transformation in Beirut. In addition, Peace Labs hosted 4 fellows from the LDF program: Ahmed and Ola from Yemen, Odai from Jordan and El Hachimi from Algeria. One of LDF’s goals was to integrate these young members in the hosting country by performing an internship in a local organization. Our collaboration with World Learning has been exceptional. We are looking forward to more collaboration with them in the future.

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