Kick start of the Community of Practice on local mediation in Donniyeh (North Lebanon)

Kick start of the Community of Practice on local mediation in Donniyeh (North Lebanon)

On Friday 27 of January 2017, Peace Labs led the first day of a Community of Practice* on local mediation in Donniyeh in North Lebanon. The event was attended by 18 participants from the 6 localities of Kfarhabu, Izal, Syr, Beqaasefreen, Assoun and Bakhoun.

Attendees represented the municipalities of the aforementioned villages, local Lebanese host communities and Syrian refugees living there.

The level of interaction was high and the attendees proved to us, once again, that communities have high advanced levels of wisdom as to understanding local conflicts and providing options and ways to transform them peacefully. Also, each one of the participants displayed a wide arrays of similar and at times different talents, all very much in need in addressing local conflicts. As they showed great understanding of their context, local traditions and mechanisms for peace, they reconfirmed the famous wisdom stating that the dwellers of Mecca are those who are the most knowledgeable about its roads and pathways (Ahlu macca adra bi shi’abiha)

This event is under the GCAP project funded by the European Union and in partnership with Maharat Foundation and Mercy Corps Lebanon.

(*) A Community of Practice is a group of people sharing a certain technical interest in a subject and meeting periodically to discuss, learn, and contribute to the theories and practice of the field of interest while building their own competencies in the subject matter. 



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