About Peace Labs

So what is Peace Labs all about?

We are a Lebanese Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) registered in Beirut in 2012. We focus on the peaceful transformation of community-based conflicts. We serve a number of communities in North Lebanon by providing them training, coaching, technical support, grants and in-kind contributions.

Our Vision

A violence-free Lebanese society

Our Mission

To empower communities in Lebanon to address conflicts cooperatively and nonviolently.

Our Values

  • Cooperation
  • Impartiality
  • Nonviolence
  • Inclusivity
  • Multi-partiality of any process
  • Long term commitment
  • Respect of local capacities
  • Local ownership of the process
  • Strategy

    • Our strategic commitment from 2011 till 2020: We are focused on the North of Lebanon because we consider it to be a very sensitive and vulnerable part of our country that is prone to different typologies of local conflicts. In addition, we think that the major influx of Syrian refugees to its areas, increases the likelihood of conflicts among local communities and refugees.

    • We build local capacities for peace and we connect them to additional resources and support offered by other organizations and programs.

    • We concentrate on building consensus locally amongst different key figures and institutions as we consider that the lack of consensus is a key impeding factor for development and for addressing current key issues.


    • Building on existing initiatives

    • Identifying local figures

    • Learning from communities

    • Trainings are a means to an end


    • Contextualizing our trainings

    Our Logo & What it Stands for

    • We work on Peace which is represented by the two white olive branch leaves

    • The test tube represents the lab, meaning that we use scientific research practices in our peace work (i.e. constantly rechecking our assumptions and adapting our work accordingly)

    • Peace is preserved in a test tube in order to say that peace needs to be [a] observed, [b] well analyzed, [c] protected for a long period of time because it is fragile. Also, trying to make a statement that Peace is a long term commitment.

    • Color blue : we believe it represents peace